What Others Say About ICG Seminars


"I attended my first ICG seminar in April of 2016. Having attended several CASE seminars, I was expecting more of the same, but was amazingly surprised to participate in a much more stimulating experience. The seasoned ICG team along with their dynamic leader, Jerry Panas, presented very practical and pragmatic approaches for engaging and cultivating donors, along with realistic methods for seeking out new donors. Their enthusiasm and expertise kept the group fully engaged and inspired.

I look forward to attending another ICG seminar in the near future and encourage all fundraising professionals to encounter the “Panas Experience” soon."

- Edward M. Shiner, Director of Alumni and Special Projects, Lebanese American University


"Thank you for the inspiring and fantastic experience! The take-aways are endless, and I loved ParkBenching which was so very meaningful for me. I look forward to attending the Seminars in California next year."

– Poh Heng Teo, Singapore Institute of Technology


"Participating in a seminar by the ICG is as much an educational experience as it is an emotional experience and it definitely brings along some insights you did not expect beforehand. During the 4 days I participated in “Making the Ask” and “Seize the Opportunity”, I learned how to improve my fundraising skills for example by becoming a better listener, improving interpersonal interaction, understanding what needs to be in place before asking for a mayor gift and whom to involve when making this ask. The material provided by the ICG is extremely helpful and a great guide for moving forward with every donor or potential donor one step at a time.

Over the past years I have participated in many seminars on fundraising and although many institutions in Mexico make a great effort in providing workshops, fundraising in the country is still at a stage where it was 40 years ago in the US. If you truly want to understand how fundraising actually works and how to step up from small annual gifts to significant mayor gifts, make as much use as possible of a ICG seminar in the US. For me it was an extremely enriching experience and highly valuable for my non-profit organization. And besides, you get to meet fundraisers from all over the US, share compassion and anxieties as well as help or advice. Without a doubt you will leave the seminar with lots of new ideas, excited and thrilled about fundraising and your cause!"

– Carolin Hohenegger, Amigos de Sian Ka’an, Mexico

"The Institute for Charitable Giving team will transform your fundraising results.
The Institute's insights will give every member of your organization greater knowledge and confidence to accomplish your mission. We require all new development officers to be trained by the Institute.

By following Panas' teaching, we uncovered the Rosetta Stone of our supporters. We deciphered what our supporters wanted to accomplish and how we could best assist them in their goals. We raised tens of millions of dollars more for our mission than we ever thought possible. We could not have saved President Reagan's Presidential Home, his Rancho del Cielo, and added the infrastructure it required without first being participants at the Institute Seminars.

The Panas approach is so understandable, and possible to implement, that we readily recruit young Americans into development careers because we know they can succeed. The Institute will meet your every expectation of what a world-class training program can be!"

– Ron Robinson, President, Young America's Foundation

"The ICG Seminars have changed my life and the way I do my work.
It inspires me to know that what I do for my school and the kids that I work with, gives them the opportunities they need to be successful and make a positive impact in the world.

The Seminars are helpful and practical. I tell everyone I know in the Advancement and Development industry there is no better training then is provided by ICG, Bill Sturtevant, and his team. I came away with tips that I put into practice as soon as I returned to my office and goals that will set a strong foundation for my institution. Should you go? Don’t wait!"

– Larry Chinn, Dalat International School, Penang, Malaysia