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Each week we email a Philanthropy Counts® Series idea (it takes less than a minute to read) about fundraising, something we think will be important to you in your fundraising efforts. Some issues in fundraising arise time and again— they may be unique to your situation, but not necessarily to development. We can help guide you through the pit-falls of asking for the gift or how to motivate a volunteer. We'll give you an edge.

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blue rule

Published January 22, 2017

Weekly Idea - Use the Right Words

Recently, I saw an article by Benjamin R. Case. Ben is President of Case Consulting Services.

blue rule

Published January 15, 2017

Extraordinary Results

Doug Page is Senior Vice President of the Redwoods Group. His passion is the YMCA where he volunteers his time to solicit in the Y’s annual campaign.

blue rule

Published January 8, 201

Weekly Idea - Four Letter Words

I wrote about this once before-- my love for four letter words.

blue rule

Published November 27, 2016

Weekly Idea - To Choose The Best

What would you add?

blue rule

Published November 8, 2016

Weekly Idea - This I Believe

Dear Colleague:

I am going to send you something I wrote nearly ten years ago. I have revised it six times.

blue rule

Published November 7, 2016

Weekly Idea - Listening is the Most Important Skill In a Fundraiser’s Tool Box

blue rule

Published October 29, 2016

Weekly Idea - Random Acts of Kindness

Robert Dilenschneider is one of the brightest and most creative public relations professionals in the field today. His firm is premier in the country.

blue rule

Published October 16, 2016

Weekly Idea - The BOY Rule

I really believe in the BOY Rule. Because Of You.