SEMINARS to Move You Forward

Dynamic SEMINARS to help you sharpen you fundraising skills and ignite your imagination.

The Institute brings our most popular Seminars to you in various cities. There's a maximum registration to ensure extensive interplay and discussion, and a hands-on experience.

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ONSITE Training for Your Organization

We'll bring the Institute to your organization!

The Institute will bring our most popular and stimulating Seminars to your institution or group. Our premier faculty is some of the best in the country. We tailor our program to fit your needs to hone your organization's fundraising skills. Call or email us today.

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Premier FACULTY for Coaching

The Institute is considered one of the premier coaching centers in the country.

We are told by many our programs are the most stimulating and helpful they have ever attended. Our commitment is to ignite your imagination, inspire you to greater heights than ever before, and introduce you to new solutions.

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We offer a selection of fundraising books, DVDs, special features and insights found nowhere else.

The Fundraiser's Resource Bookstore contains books we think will richly increase your fundraising knowledge, enhance your ability to secure the gift or organize and manage boardrooms more effectively.

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